About Paula Simpson

A Little Self-Care Goes A Long Way

Through my own experience with fad dieting, I struggled throughout my teenage years until finally realizing I was ultimately in charge of my health. I decided to study nutritional science in university, followed by holistic nutrition & herbal medicine. By learning about what we consume and how nutrients are metabolized in the body to promote optimal health fascinated me. This is where my journey and relationship with nutrition for preventative health and natural beauty began. I continue to be actively involved in clinical research, education & practice; with board certification and active standing as a Registered Master Herbalist and Functional Nutritionist. 

Nutraceuticals are health products derived from natural sources, including foods and botanicals, which possess rejuvenating and harmonizing properties within the body. Emphasizing preventive health, these products are specifically designed to bolster various physiological systems, ranging from the immune, digestive, cardiovascular, joint and bone health, to weight and stress management. One increasingly popular subset of supplements aimed at promoting healthy aging and natural beauty is known as Nutricosmetics. These natural health products typically contain ingredients that support radiant skin, lustrous hair, and strong nails while shielding the body from stressors that expedite the aging process. As an expert in nutrition, herbal medicine, and formulation, I feel privileged to be involved in this dynamic category and collaborate with leading biotechnology, nutraceutical, and beauty companies worldwide.

I built this site to help pull the “fact” from “fiction” so you can make the best informed choices for your own personal wellness journey.

I hope you enjoy it.

Wellness Focused Beauty

Paula is a globally recognized expert in aesthetic wellness, product development, and branding. Her passion lies in educating the natural health, cosmetics, and medical aesthetic industries about the significance of nutrition and plant medicine for achieving natural beauty and promoting healthy aging. With a unique blend of scientific knowledge and experience in clinical research, marketing, and regulations, Paula has successfully created some of the most sought-after wellness and beauty brands in the market.

Thanks to her dedication to Healthy Aging and Nutricosmetics, Paula has earned a reputation as a leading innovator and ambassador in the natural beauty industry. Her expertise has led her to be acknowledged as one of the most influential women in the field. As a strategic advisor for ingredients and brands in the biotechnology, natural health, and microbiome sectors, she is a go-to authority and educator for the “beauty from within” concept.

Paula’s accomplishments also extend to being a founder, innovator, and key formulator behind award-winning brands. Her media presence is significant, with frequent appearances on major platforms such as E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, Telemundo, MSNBC, KTLA, ABC, and FOX NEWS. She generously shares her expertise with leading health and beauty publications, including Allure, Alternative Medicine, Brit+Co, Everyday Health, InStyle, Mindbodygreen, New Beauty Magazine, Rodale’s Organic Life, PopSugar, Reader’s Digest, Refinery 29, Vogue, and more. Additionally, Paula has authored the book “Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin: Nurturing Your Skin Microbiome with Pre- and Probiotics for Clear and Luminous Skin,” published by Ulysses Press.

Beyond her professional achievements, Paula operates a thriving global practice, helping clients achieve their health and beauty goals through her integrated approach to healthy aging and natural beauty.