Consulting Services

Looking to create a finished product within the natural health or beauty sector?

Looking to launch a new ingredient into the industry?

As an innovator and product development expert, I can help you construct tailored formulations for competitive market placement or guide your company through the step by step process including

  • Creative brand strategy
  • Innovation & formulation design
  • Supply chain sourcing & management
  • Research development & clinical design


Whether building a brand portfolio or seeking expert endorsement for communications and education platforms. Consulting services can include:

  • Story telling, content marketing
  • Ambassador, advisory & speaking engagements
  • Consultancy – ideation & trends interviews
  • Technical writing 
  • Social media strategy & content creation

Individual Consultations

With 20+ years’ experience in client practice and innovating natural health & beauty brands, I combine my expertise in formulation, clinical/functional nutrition & botanical medicine to tailor integrated dermatology, slimming beauty and holistic health focused programs for my client’s personalized health and aesthetic goals.


Client Testimonial

“Working with Paula to facilitate my weight loss journey was hands down one of the best ones I have ever made to date. Paula’s attentiveness, knowledge-sharing, and patience made it possible for me to achieve my desired outcomes after so many failed attempts. The loss of over fifty pounds along with significant improvement of my overall health are largely attributed to our work together. Anyone interested in weight management guidance need not look any further.”

Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend working with Paula, she’s friendly, knowledgeable and just a delightful person, speaking with her felt like catching up with a friend. I didn’t know what to expect meeting with a nutritionist but our sessions together far surpassed my expectations. Paula was always quick to respond and put together a comprehensive plan that cleared my acne and eczema and calmed persistent bloating I was suffering from.”

Shari Coulter Ford, CEO and Co-founder, Tohi Ventures

“Paula has been a true value add to team Tohi.  She has a sharp ability to translate our product development roadmap vision to ready-to-manufacture formulations.  She leverages her supply chain knowledge for the benefit of the brand and she translates complex science to effective consumer messaging.  As a bonus, she is a delight to work with!”– Shari Coulter Ford, CEO and Co-founder, Tohi Ventures

D Pourbaba, Co-founder, Feel Goods

“Working with Paula on various product formulations has been an absolute thrill. Paula brings both a level of detail and innovation through her work, carefully examining the competitive landscape and developing custom formulations. Collaboration is highly effective as Paula communicates clearly, frequently, and is available for any feedback or follow up revisions. It’s been a pleasure working with her and we look forward to a continued partnership.” – Dustin Pourbaba, Co-founder, Feel Goods

Client Testimonial

“Paula’s expertise & integrative approach provided me with the tools and personalization that not only helped me lose weight but also clear up my acne! The meal plan and natural remedies have changed my life. I think anyone who struggles with food should book sessions with Paula.”

Client Testimonial

“Paula, I wanted to say thank you so much for everything! I am officially one week post-op and I’m already loving the results! I had barely any bruising (which is crazy since I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty). I think the diet made a huge difference in my recovery. Thank you!”

Client Testimonial

“Paula has been an incredible asset in my pre-surgical preparation and post-operative recovery. I have the least swelling any of my doctors have ever seen. This would not have been possible without the personalized nutritional and supplement recommendations Paula provided me with. I would recommend this for anyone planning to undergo surgery. Truly a game changer!”

A Chhabria, Founder, Wellbeing Nutrition

“Paula is a thought leader in the Nutricosmetic industry and we had the privilege to work with her from Ideation – formulation to designing communication. Her constructive expertise helps brands like us declutter from the market trends, to focus on elements most valuable to the customer today while offering a world class product. She is definitely helping raise the bar for skincare standards globally.” – Avnish Chhabria, Founder, Wellbeing Nutrition

T Hammond, VP Sales & Marketing, Bergstrom Nutrition

“Paula is a creative, detailed forward thinker possessing the technical knowledge and background coupled with the rare ability to communicate / convey / disseminate complex information into effective and compelling content that is easy to understand. Above all she is an extremely likeable person and a pleasure to work with.” – Tim Hammond, Director of Sales & Strategic Relations, Bergstrom Nutrition

J Grebow, Editor in Chief, Nutritional Outlook

“Paula provides valuable insights on nutricosmetics and beauty ingredients to the readers of Nutritional Outlook magazine, including information on market movements, trending ingredients, and category advancements. The editors at Nutritional Outlook rely on her tips.” – Jennifer Grebow, Editor in Chief, Nutritional Outlook Magazine

Lynne & Renee, Co-founders, Well Within Beauty

“Paula’s formulation expertise, attention to detail and creative energy helped us produce a dietary supplement that complements our brand skincare standards; plant based, clean and natural skin wellness from the inside-out.” – Lynne & Renee, Co-founders, Well Within Beauty