Dr. Anne Marie Fine, N.M.D. – Bestselling Author of Cracking the Beauty Code

“We are currently living through an exciting new scientific era that focuses on the microbiome. While voluminous research has been done on the gut microbiome, Paula Simpson has pulled back the curtains to reveal the secret life of our skin microbiome.

In her book Paula reveals many astonishing facts about the microbial terrain of our body’s largest organ and how it affects everything from acne, hydration, skin barrier function, immune function and more. The book also highlights the crosstalk between the gut microbiome and the skin microbiome- truly our bodies are holistic and we can no longer think about certain parts as separate. Paula recommends an integrative approach to keeping our skin biome healthy and provides the steps and delicious and healthy recipes necessary to guide us along the way.

I highly recommend this ground breaking book if you are interested in learning in depth about your skin’s biome and having the healthiest skin of your life!”

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