K Gran, Co-Founder – Kari Gran® Skin Care

“Microbiome, probiotics and prebiotics seem to be pretty buzzy words these days. Finally an easy to read book that breaks it all down! Paula’s book is written so engagingly that you don’t need an advanced degree in biochemistry to enjoy it.

Finally, I understand the difference between pre-biotics and pro-biotics and why each is so important to healthy, glowing skin. I’ve long been a fan of the big-picture when it comes to skin health and while microbiome, pro and pre-biotics may be having a real moment, I think that this isn’t a trend. It’s just good information that’s easy to implement. I especially enjoyed the chapters on nutrition because I’m also a firm believer that a healthy gut = healthy skin. Bonus: skin-friendly and microbiome-friendly recipes included!”

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